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1.     Are WashBands machine washable?

Yes, WashBands are 100% machine washable.  The fabric is made up of a microfiber blend (80% Polyester – 20% Polyamide) and the buttons are Polyester.  Care Instructions: Machine wash cold.  Do not bleach or use fabric softener. Tumble-Dry low if needed.

2.     I would like to send WashBands to multiple people. Can I ship WashBands to different locations with one order?     

Yes, you can ship WashBands to multiple addresses.  At check out you have an option to add multiple shipping addresses to split up your order.  Simply select which item you would like to be sent to each location.

3.     Do WashBands have a warrenty?

Yes, WashBands have a limited time warrently.  Please Contact Us for additional information.