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img-2082.jpgTime and time again we are told to wash our face morning and night. It makes sense, we understand why, but oh do we dread it.  At least I did!

When the evening came around and it was time to “take off the day” I had 4 options: 

  1. Take another shower. 
  2. Wash my face in the sink and get water everywhere!
  3. Put on a grand production to not make a mess: change into something I don't mind getting wet, clear off and line the counters with towels, bend so far over the sink that I regret not sticking to yoga.
  4. Don’t wash my face.

Unfortunately, more times than not I chose not to wash my face. 

When more and more cleansing cloths were introduced into the market I thought I found my answer. Soon after I realized they never seem to really get the job done.  Many dermatologist and estheticians have stated that the pre-made cleansing clothes are not meant to be used to wash your face only to remove product.  After using them you still need to wash with soap and water. 

There I was back at square one. 

I knew there had to be a better way, so in 2013 I busted out my sewing machine and started creating WashBands.

Today people all over the world are using WashBands to better their skincare routine.

I am happy that you have discovered WashBands and that I am able to share with you the solution to that everyday annoying problem!